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The Ultimate Business

There are many questions you could ask when trying to evaluate this statement. If you have ever owned and operated your own business or have worked for a boss....

Consider the following and judge for yourself:

  1. You can operate from home, work, vacation and anywhere else in the world.

  2. You never have to worry about job insecurity, harassment or any other employment related anxiety. You are your own boss!

  3. You never need to worry about employer payroll, strikes, theft, rent increases, health inspectors, lease problems, public liability insurance, being sued etc....

  4. Your business will never get billed for licenses nor will you need to worry about complicated sales tax returns and lengthy forms.

  5. You don't need to do any direct selling and of course that means no billing. In fact you don't even need any customers!

  6. Your business can operate almost every single working day of the year. You decide which days you wish to work — You make the decision, take a vacation at a moment's notice.

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