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Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-200-225. Also, feel free to browse around the rest of our web site.

1. When can I start training?
Just call 1-800-200-225 to arrange your personal training session. Training is held 6 days per week, mornings and evenings.
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2. What Equipment do I need?
  • A Pentium I Computer or better running Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP. (If you do not have a computer or require an upgrade, we can assist)
  • A 56k bps modem or faster. (We can also assist).
  • A connection to the Internet. (We can also assist).
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3. How long does training take?
Training is normally held over 3 days with each session lasting between 3-4 hours. Training is only completed when you are checked out, and both you and we are satisfied that you fully understand and have grasped what we have taught you. Our job is to ensure that you are comfortable with what you have learned and ready to start your Real Time simulated PaperTrades.
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4. What is Real Time Simulated Paper Trading?
These are not actual trades but practice trades that you do to prepare yourself. When you commence training, you will receive from us a Free Real-Time Demo Station which you keep and trade on for as long as you wish. This Demo Station will enable you to trade live on the Forex Market with a capital of US$50,000.00 simulated money. We like our clients to be in a consistent and healthy profit situation before they decide to trade with real money.
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5. What about a training manual & software?
Every new student of Computrade is presented with his/her own trading manual and softare. Everything covered in training is recorded and explained in detail. This includes our methods and fomulas, trading software, traders tips, customized forms etc. Everything is clearly spelled out from A-Z.
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6. What are my expected financial rewards?
Our daily objective is to gain Pips (Points) on our trade. Every Pip made represents money. As you progress in your trading skills, becoming more experienced and skillful, the advanced techniques covered in training and outlined in your manual will help you to acquire the know-how.
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7. How soon can I start trading?
The typical timing from the day you begin training until the day you actually take your first real trade varies from individual to individual. Some students feel ready to trade a little sooner and of course others prefer to paper trade on our Simulator for a longer period. Their is no rush — start when you are ready.
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8. What is the cost of training?
The cost is AUD$4,400.00 incl. GST and includes:
  • The providing and customizing of our user-friendly data signalling software.
  • Comprehensive data software training.
  • The supply and training of our unique Forex Online Dealing Station and easy to use tracking program. (Two of the basic essentials that help contribute to succesful Forex Trading.)
  • Market analysis, terminology and order placement procedures.
  • Training and understanding the Computrade methods, formulas and strategies.
  • Trading techniques, risk management, Limit and Stop Loss placements.
  • Assimilated and practice trades.
  • Broker set up (Commission Free) .
  • 12 months full support and back-up with free access to new and additional trading techniques as they develop.
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